Document Conversion add-on  *

Zetafax renders most regularly used document types (such as word processing documents and spreadsheets) into TIFF format so that they can be faxed as attachments. Customers needing to fax other, less commonly used or more specialized document types will require the Document Conversion add-on.

Using this add-on, the Zetafax server can convert over 225 files types - including  word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, graphics and database files to fax TIFF format without having to install the authoring application on the Zetafax server PC .With the Document Conversion add-on, the Zetafax server is enhanced in the following areas:

Web Client   *

Users of the web client are able to attach any supported file types to new outbound messages.

API   *

Users of the Zetafax API can fax file attachments of any type from third party applications because Zetafax renders them into TIFF format documents.  Without the Document Conversion add-on, users of the web client and API are only able to submit ASCII text and most graphics file formats only e.g. BMP, .JPG, and .TIF.

Email gateway   *

The email gateway can be configured to use either the native application or the Document Conversion add-on to convert files to TIFF format. If u sing the Document Conversion add on, it is not necessary to install rendering applications on the fax server itself.  Without it, the following rendering applications are supported when using the Zetafax email gateway and must be installed on the fax server: