API Toolkit   *

Most companies use specialised departmental software systems to support marketing, accounting, sales, purchasing and other operations.

Nearly 25% of Zetafax for Networks customers integrate Zetafax with one or more of their existing departmental applications using the Zetafax API Toolkit. The benefit of this is that being able to fax directly from the applications they use everyday saves time and boosts productivity for the employees using them. The integration is straightforward, but if required Equisys also offers Consultancy Services to help customers with this integration.

Automatic submission program   *

The ZSUBMIT program lets any computer, regardless of operating system, send faxes by creating a text file in a shared directory on a fileserver. The text file needs only a few lines added, for the fax number and other message options such as coversheets and time to send.

Files can be submitted to the Zetafax server from third party applications and include any file type, which is rendered by Zetafax and sent as a fax. This feature assists both users of Zetafax in a network fax as well as in a production fax environment.

Embedded addressing   *

Embedded addressing allows you to address faxes from within the document you are creating in your Windows application. This eliminates the need for the user to manually enter the information within Zetafax, thus automating the sending process